I love working with aspiring changemakers to bring new stories of change to life. If you’re planning a career change, looking to build new skills, or trying to bring more empathy and creativity to your current work, I would love to help!

My speciality is in helping you design a personalized learning plan and access the resources you need to start creating change.




Things I can help you with:

  • Identify actionable learning objectives
  • Structure your learning
  • Design assignments and activities to support your learning goals
  • Organize field experiences to gain practical experience
  • Articulate your strengths and leverage your unfair advantages
  • Research and compile resources to support your learning
  • Create an organizational system to keep track

  • Design a portfolio of your work
  • Research job opportunities
  • Prepare for your job search and  interview process

Let’s set up a free 20-minute session to see if I can help in your journey.

Email me. We'll work out a custom package depending on your current needs.